Alexander Skarsgard

TRUE BLOOD: MEN CASTING (Part 2 Alexander Skarsgård)

  In the previous post (see it HERE)  we have introduced TRUE BLOOD male only cast  (even if we made some related comments to Anna Paquin, the female lead character and ). The purpose being to aknowledge the perfect casting achieved by …… which were great in recruiting handsome actors who are also great performers. […]


TRUE BLOOD: MEN CASTING (Part 1 Stephen Moyer)

The successful TV Show ‘TRUE BLOOD’ by HBO was an opportunity to discover and/or confirm some male actors who are now part of the Hollywood stars system or at least in the top list of rising stars. The show was broad casted from 2008 till 2014 into 7 seasons. Beside the female lead character Sookie Stackhouse […]

Anjelina Jolie Lara croft Tomb Raider

A RISING & REWARDED STAR (Angelina Jolie Part 2)

EARLY RECOGNITION FOR A GREAT PERFORMER The early works of Angelina Jolie was rewarded by the Golden Globe Award for her performance in the TV movie George Wallace. This gave a boost to her career. In 1998 she starred in a TV movie Gia (for HBO) as Gia Carangi, a super model character. She was […]

Angelina Jolie


  Angelina appeared on the screen in the late 90’s and make a break trough with Lara Croft in 2001. Since then, she developed a great career in the 2000’s , and she has scored these years being the most popular American actress. Her fame is spread worldwide and she could be considered at the […]


KEANU REEVES Story (Part 4)

A PARTICULAR & SUCCESSFUL CAREER (con’t ) END OF THE 90’S : A BUSY ACTOR … In 1994, SPEED brought Keanu Reeves on the top list of the best Hollywood actors performers, and he successfully casts Johnny Mnemonic, a science-fiction action film directed by Robert Longo.  He plays a man with a cybernetic brain able […]

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