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KEANU REEVES Story (Part 3)

In the 2 previous posts we have followed Keanu Reeves in his childhood and teenage,but also  in his début as an actor. If you have missed the two first episodes you can check the by clicking here  <Keenu Reeves Part1> and <Keenu Reeves Part2>  A PARTICULAR AND SUCCESSFUL CAREER (con’t ) KEANU and RIVER, BEYOND A […]



This post is the second part of Keanu Reeves story as a star, and as we do when we investigate in the career of the celebrities we also reveal as much as we can the human side  of these “people”. You can check the Part 1 of Keanu Reeves story by clicking HERE. A PARTICULAR AND […]



KEANU REEVES RAISED IN CANADA Keanu Charles Reeves is a Canadian actor, born on September 2, 1964.  He is now 51 year old (2015). He was born in Beirut Lebanon where his mother, of English origin, was working.  She met  there, with the father of Keanu, the geologist Samuel Reeves. Samuel is an American born in […]


Welcome to a world of stars!

Welcome to the world of the Stars! They are definitively part of our dreams, and we love them because they succeed in making these dreams true. Either we admire them because they are amazing or we are just attracted by them because they do what we wish to do…. These men and women are modeled […]

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