Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves


Keanu Charles Reeves is a Canadian actor, he is now 48 year old as he was born on September 2, 1964.  He was born in Beirut Lebanon where his mother of English origin was working when she met  with the father of Keanu, the geologist Samuel Reeves, an American born in Hawaii, with Chinese blood. With the tension raised by the Israeli war , they moved to Autralia then to New York, but the couple splitter soon and Samuel moved back to Hawaii. Keanu used to sped his vacations to Hawaii, but suddenly when he was 13, his father disappeared.  He has no specific contact with his father since their last meeting when he was 13.

Young Keanu Reeves

Young Keanu Reeves

Patricia Bond, his mother with her children moved around the world frequently has she became a custom designer. Keanu had several step-fathers and lived in Sydney (Australia), New York City, then Toronto (Ontario, Canada). Reeves and his sisters was raised by the grandparents mainly in Toronto .


Keanu Reeves (right) in Youngblood, staring with Rob Lowe (left)


At school, Reeves was a dedicated jock . If he never missed a hockey practice he was quite lazy about classes. Even if he was successful in Sports and named as  Player of the Year at De La Salle College , the other performances were poor enough to be asked to leave Toronto’s High School and he moved to the Performing Arts.

At home, his mother, for her job started to design costume stage for celebrities like Dolly Parton, Alice cooper or David Bowie. The small family house turned into a pass  through for glam rockers. In addition, Keanu’s Mom really loved music at that time. When she sat at her sewing machine there was always a record spinning on her record player.

Both, the home atmosphere and the school background  pushed him to enter in the world of preforming arts. He was fascinated by the possibility to become someone else on the stage.

Keanu young and shirtless

Keanu young and shirtless



The first appearance on screen was for an ads for “Coca Cola” in 1980. The ads was released worldwide. Here is the commercial:

In 1981, the 17 year old  teenager enrolled in Etobicoke School of Arts, the Toronto based  High School of performing arts.


In 1984 he played Bernie in  “Wolfboy”, an innocent teen who was placed in an insane asylum. The guy next room who believes that he is a werewolf gets seduced him and at then they fall in love, but the end was tragic. The play became a hit in the gay community in Toronto and immediately drew attention to the 19-year-old boy.

In addition to the play, the two actors were requested to make a photoshoot (see below) to promote it. The pictures are a bit provocative as the two boys (Carl Marotte was 24) were almost kissing. According to Carl, Keanu and his mother who ws always supportive for the career of his sun, liked the photos. In fact Reeves was deloghted because it was unusual and shocking. A lot of gossips raised from this experience about the sexuality of the actor. This is still going on even if Keanu declared in an interview that he is not gay. But he also said immediately after that he has no problem with his homosexual role. He had opportunities to play gay characters later on in My Private Idaho. He recently declared “If I’m asked to play a gay man again, No problem! I”m not buying the bullshit that that will arm my image at all.”


Keanu Reeves and Carl Marotte in Wolfboy

Keanu Reeves_587491

Shooting from Wolfboy Carl Marotte and Keanu Reeves



In 1986, Reeves got his first significant role in an American hockey movie Youngblood, directed by Peter Markle. Between the main characters Dean Youngblood played by Rob Lowe and the captain played by Patrick Swayze,  Keanu is appearing every once in a while as a hockey goalie with an hilarious French-Canadian accent.

Keanu Reeves_Youngblood

‘Youngblood’ was a star vehicle for Rob Lowe and obviously Keanu Reeves’ part was small. And Reeves reminds how he felt at that time in an interview by declaring:

“I wouldn’t call it a breakthrough, because we all expected more from this movie. Otherwise I wouldn’t have stood on skates again. Pretty ironic. I drive 4,000 miles to change my life and suddenly I’m just the hockey player. Rob Lowe was the star.”


Reeves in Youngblood

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